Aaron Rolle is from the beautiful and diverse city of Miami, FL. There is not a day he doesn’t step outside and think, “how can I portray this dynamic world in a way that enhances people’s perception? The world has so much to offer, but what can I do to stand out?” Moments such as this inspire him to transform ideas, whether literal, figurative or conceptual, into visuals. A well-thought out idea creates effective design communication that attracts the target audience. If you have ever been attracted to someone, you’ve found characteristics in them that make them unique. It’s the same with design, where one tries various concepts and visual elements to attract the intended audience. It’s necessary as a graphic/visual designer to do research to develop strong concepts and visuals that are the ultimate match for the client’s message. Successful work is not judged by aesthetics alone; every element in a design piece should have meaning. Aaron pursued his Bachelors of Fine Art in Graphic Design, where he has been able to strategically birth his purpose.

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Jarod Kintz

It’s not who you know that matters—it’s who knows you that’s important. Personal branding builds up your reputation to the point where you have a presence even in your absence.